Burma Political Climate

June 2010, will be a historic democratic transition in Myanmar since 1989. However, the famous Aung San Suu Kyi won’t contest it due to her house arrest.

This election will help Burma regain its rightful place in the regional and global mainstream. At least, break out of their isolation in international geopolitical landscape.

US interest on ASEAN post Bush era step in to the new paradigm. Normalisation of Myanmar will not only inject new momentum to ASEAN, but also invigorate the relationship between ASEAN and supranationalist bloc of US-EUROPE.

Progress towards democracy, however, the transition will not occur overnight. One thing for sure, military rulers, the junta do not give up power easily.

ASEAN has to play big role on helping Burma especially in aspect of participation of the generals in democratic politics should be allowed. Or else, absolutism and totalitarianism will remain as a pillar of Burma.