Logging In Belum: Stairways To Catastrophe

IT was what I would refer to as “a heaven on earth”. Six adolescent years later, it has morphed into another cloudy and turbid river.

 I’m referring to Sungai Chiong, once considered by many as one of the best fishing spot located at the National Park Belum Rainforest, Grik in Perak.

My recent visit to the virgin forest for a fishing trip with Papachik and Pak Ngah Min was an eye-opener experience. I was shocked by the current situation in Sg. Chiong. The site which I literally grew up in, thanks to my late Tok Papak who would take me on his numerous fishing excursions, has lost its magic. It was as if Mother Nature had forgotten to work on her magical wand to make the place as beautiful as it used to be.

Gone are the sights of a world-class rainforest which had provided me valuable and unforgettable memories. This is due to the greed and narrow millennium-minded responsible in “killing” our mother nature through logging activities which had taken the place by storm. 

If this massacre activities persist without any actions taken by the authorities, I bet another river will face the same problem. 

My plea, save the National Belom Rainforest before it’s too late. I’m worried, that it will inevitably lead to another destruction akin THE state political crisis.

We’ll just wait and see…

Pulau Tujuh

From Sungai Chiong, we advanced to Pulau Tujuh and continued our fishing trip along the ravine. 

We had a great  deal of enjoyment during the 2 day-1- night back-to-nature retreat. 13 Sebarau says it all.  Deep in our hearts, we knew that it was important to keep the spirit of Tok Papak alive.

The three of us unanimously agreed that Pulau Tujuh still has its uniqueness or simply said, “hutan masih dara”. Thank goodness…

As I’m posting this edition, the loggers are doing what they do best …  cutting down “the balaks” at the good ole’ Pulau Tujuh…


3 thoughts on “Logging In Belum: Stairways To Catastrophe

  1. Hello Aswad,
    I dont think belum or any other forest reserve will ever be reserved or conserved, it will be matter of time when it will be plundered to the ground.The first victim of any political victory is always the virgin jungle, the modus operandi is always to play hide and seek, involving every corrridors of power. When jungle plundering is expose ,the standard answer will be,’its an illegal logging’. I think it is imposible the plundering of the whole mountain could go un notice.
    For us i think we should enjoy whatever pristine enviroment that is left in ‘Belum Ditebang Forest Reserved’, I think Karam Singh walia will only swing into action when the reserved has become,’Sudah Ditebang forest reserved’, when it is to late.

    1. agree with min : I dont think belum or any other forest reserve will ever be reserve or conserved.

      why its really hard for it to be reserve or conserve anyway??

      World has know that Malaysia is such an incredible small-size country that owns a big mass of biodiversity. still, the problem is there and i think it keeping the negative “up-date”. simply, Malaysian do not realize what the World know. they might be more appreciate stuffed museum specimen rather than the real one.

      dont u think Pandora in Avatar just look likely same as Malaysia Rainforest?? how crazy, sexy, beautifull the nature!


  2. Pak ngah Min,

    Enjoy our little “belum ditebang Forest Reserved”, and capture all pictures of Sebarau before they extinct….

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